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About Us

EffiStruc = Efficient Structural Design & Engineering


EffiStruc Consulting Inc. is a full-service structural engineering consulting business founded in 2007 in Nelson, BC. We offer complete structural engineering services with an emphasis on sustainable, creative, and efficient design. Our project experience has ranged across British Columbia and Alberta and includes residential, commercial, light industrial, and even arts & entertainment structures. We design in timber, steel, concrete and composite materials, and approach every project with enthusiasm and professionalism. We enjoy solving structural challenges and helping our clients achieve their design goals.

Meet Our Team

Don Willems, P.Eng.

Don Willems, P.Eng.


Don is a professional structural engineer with over 25 years of diverse experience in the design and construction of buildings, bridges, recreational structures, art installations, and water & wastewater treatment facilities. Throughout his career, Don has managed the structural design and construction review phases for many commercial, institutional, and residential projects. This experience includes new structures as well as major renovation and rehabilitation of existing structures in wood, steel, concrete and masonry. Don has a keen interest in green building principles and he strives to achieve material and resource efficient designs.

Paula Kiss, B.Sc., B.Ed.

Green Building Specialist, Administrator

Paula earned her civil engineering degree in 2000 and worked across Canada and internationally in fields ranging from environmental consulting & project management to conflict relief & development. In 2007, she moved to Nelson to open her own business specialising in green building design & materials. She also dabbled in local politics and went back to school, obtaining her project management professional certification in 2015, and an education degree and teaching certificate in 2019. Paula’s varied background contributes to a big picture understanding of ecologically sound design and healthy human habitat.
Rayanne McKay

Rayanne McKay


Rayanne is a structural draftsperson with over 18 years of experience in the production of accurate, high quality engineering and architectural design drawings. With a Bachelor of Science in biology as well as a Certificate in Civil and Structural Drafting, Rayanne brings a unique mix of technical skills and interest in environmentally conscious design. Through her experience as an architectural draftsperson, she understands the importance of seamless architectural and structural coordination.

Brohan Brennan, EIT

Project Engineer

Brohan completed his engineering degree at Carleton University, Ottawa, and then trained as a structural engineer on residential, industrial and commercial projects across Ontario. He has on-site experience in the construction of steel and concrete bridges, and also has worked on the design, project management, and construction coordination of wood, concrete, and steel structures. Brohan is EffiStruc’s newest addition and is passionate about contributing to Kootenay communities and their infrastructure.

Nicole Walker, P.Eng

Project Engineer

After graduating from the University of British Columbia, Nicole moved to Northern BC where she was involved in larger commercial and municipal construction projects as a Project Engineer. Her experience as a project engineer includes municipal road design, land development, servicing design and construction, construction management, and total station & GPS survey. Here at EffiStruc she has advanced her skills in the design of wood, steel, and concrete material for new residential and commercial buildings, commercial renovations, and review of existing structures. Nicole enjoys the challenges of efficient building design and the opportunity to learn new methods of construction.


Your Position

We are always looking for talented people. If you think you have skills to contribute to our team, we would love to hear from you.

Please head over to our contact page and get in touch with us!

Our Electric Car Story

We are inspired by our natural environment, including the power of water in the Columbia basin.

Electric vehicles can lower carbon emissions if they are powered by low-carbon electricity over their lifetime.

There are more than 6 major hydroelectric dams within 40km of our office in Nelson, BC.

The electric Mini has a range of about 200 km per charge, and most of our projects are located less than 80 km from our office. The electric Mini is small and light, with regenerative braking it is able to create about 25 cents worth of electrical power (about $2.50 worth of gas power) each time it is driven to downtown Nelson, from our office. Our office is about 200 m (600 ft) higher than downtown Nelson.

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